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Webinar archive

Browse our archive of product overview webinars. Each presentation includes an overview of the product, its key benefits and example applications.

Duration: 7:10
Presented by: Roy Mulder

Introductory overview and setup tutorial for the Zen RTU - a 16 channel remote terminal unit designed for use with PLCs and SCADA systems.

Duration: 24:52
Presented by: Anna Glucina

This webinar provides an overview of the Twin Link - a wireless point-to-point solution to the problem of transmitting signals over distance without running costly cables. The presentation includes application examples and a software setup demonstration.

Duration: 8:22
Presented by: Dylan Green

Define Instruments software developer Dylan Green demonstrates the new 'Simulation Mode' feature - now available for both Define ToolBox and Define WorkBench.

Duration: 31:16
Presented by: David Mulder

Learn more about this trip amplifier in this webinar

Duration: 24:21
Presented by: David Mulder

Learn more about this digital indicator in this webinar