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Our story

The Define Instruments Story
"The pursuit of simplicity makes our jobs harder but the lives of our customers easier"

Define Instruments manufactures a range of industrial instruments that are powerful, innovative and simple to use.

Say no to complex, time-consuming products

Too many industrial instruments are met with a sigh and a roll of the eyes when it comes to setting them up. Generations of engineers seem to accept that time-consuming and complex industrial instruments are just a fact of life. We disagree.

  • Our designs are led by simplicity
  • Customer-centric user experience. Clean and intuitive.
  • We’re small, which makes us flexible and able to meet your needs.
  • We can supply configured products to you quickly because we make and stock them ourselves.
  • We can guarantee you quality and competitive pricing with our modern manufacturing facility and highly skilled staff.
  • We can deliver you RoHS compliant products, as we have the latest in lead-free wave technology. This is essential for the European and Japanese markets, and globally inevitable in the medium term.